Our Search for Riley

We will never stop looking for Riley

$20,000 Reward - Technicolor CEO, Patricia Ann Dave, Stole Our Dog

Technicolor CEO, Patricia Ann Dave, stole our dog? Is the dishonesty of Patricia Ann Dave typical of Technicolor management? What follows is a summary of events.

Camarillo, California is a beautiful little town just north of LA. When visiting, we assumed that crime was low and the police were helpful. Nothing could be further from the truth. The level of unethical behavior from the police and the efforts they took to protect the Technicolor CEO that stole our dog was shocking. How can corruption like this exist even for something as simple as a stolen dog case?

As we spoke with the community, it became apparent that dog theft is bizarrely common in Camarillo. The police do nothing to stop this, so there is no fear of punishment.

We are from New York and we started a week-long vacation by visiting my mother and sister in Camarillo. My girlfriend and I decided to visit Universal Studios and let my mother and sister watch our beloved dog Riley while we were gone. We would do anything to take that day back. While we were at Universal Studios, Riley slipped out the front door. My mother called and we immediately rushed back to look for Riley. We cancelled the rest of our vacation and extended our stay in Camarillo by two weeks.

In those two weeks, we handed out over 2,000 flyers to all houses within a mile radius of my mother's house. We posted flyers at stores, schools, churches and restaurants. All that work was not wasted, because helpful volunteers came forward with information. The neighborhood mailman saw Riley run down my mother's street towards Las Posas (only 400 feet away) on August 11th. The next day, on August 12th, a woman saw Riley further up on Crestview (about 500 feet away from Las Posas). She followed Riley slowly for a long time, but when she tried to catch him, he ran onto the 75 Crestview property.

It was with great sadness that we left California without Riley. However, we were excited to have a trail and knew we would keep looking for Riley from New York. Before we left, we worked with a Camarillo printing company to create a postcard that was mailed to everyone in the 93010 zipcode - over 15,000 homes in Camarillo.

Shortly after returning to Manhattan, we received a call from a woman saying that she had found Riley's harness next to her driveway two weeks before on August 16th. We later found out that this woman, Patricia Ann Dave and her husband, Dr. Khamaj Dave, live about 1000 feet away from where Riley was last seen on Crestview. Patricia said that she had not seen Riley, but the harness was completely undamaged.

We were so excited to get more news about Riley that we didn't think to suspect Patricia Ann, but shortly after the call, we realized that things did not add up. Riley's harness had a Texas phone number on it for the shelter where we had adopted him and it did not have Riley's name on it. The postcard we sent out had a picture of Riley on it and only had my cell phone number - a Minnesota number. Why did this woman not call the number on the harness for two weeks and then suddenly know to call the number on our postcard? The only possible reason is that she has seen Riley and recognized his picture.

On top of this, Patricia Ann was very secretive and would not initially tell us her name or where she lived. She even hid her phone number the first time she called, but called us back with her number unhidden when she asked us to let her know when we would be back in town. We believe that Patricia called the first time, because she assumed that we sent the professional looking postcard to her house because we knew she had Riley. She called us to find out what we knew. She never told us who she was or where she lived but with the help of Camarillo volunteers we were able to trace her phone number, find out who she was and determine that she called us from her Technicolor work phone.

There are many other things in Patricia's story that did not add up. She repeatedly changed her story about who found Riley's harness and how it was found. Patricia then said that she assumed that the harness belonged to her gardener, who supposedly brings his Chihuahuas to work at her house. This seems absurd. Was this her cover in case someone saw her with Riley? She told us that she talked to her gardeners about the harness and they knew nothing. Later, Patricia said she never talked to the gardeners about it and they did not speak English. Patricia even went so far as to say a month after our first conversation that she had a video showing that Riley was eaten, but she refuses to show us this video that supposedly exists even till today.

It is disappointing to see that the Camarillo and Ventura police departments are completely incapable of ending a simple pet theft problem. We have numerous examples, but included two examples of stories others posted on our Facebook page:

  • I lost my cat and handed out and posted flyers everywhere. Then I saw my cat in my neighbor's window. I confronted him and he acted like he had never seen the flyers I handed him, put in his mailbox and posted all throughout the neighborhood.
  • "My Bella got out one day while I was at the lake. I was heartbroken and devastated. She had a harness, tags and was microchipped. I posted flyers and contacted my local animal shelters. Four days later my girl found her way home. She had a different collar with a different name and number. I had contacted the number and the women answered- she was upset that my dog had escaped. She then asked for her collar back with attitude. When we dropped of collar we realized she had about 6-8 dogs at her home...I lived in a very nice neighborhood off of Saddle Mountain in Oak View and this happened."

Why would this be such a huge problem in a small town like Camarillo? The Camarillo and Ventura police turn a blind eye to it and even go so far as to protect the criminals. When I discussed this situation with the Camarillo Police department, I was told by Deputy Pugh to just "let it go." This kind of lazy, disrespectful behavior from a police department is disappointing at the least. Will they remember this attitude when they come asking for donations next year?

We have not "let it go" and have visited Camarillo 3 times now and reposted flyers for Riley. We are offering a $10,000 reward for Riley's safe return. After our second visit to repost flyers, we received a call from Detective Mike McConville from the Ventura police department telling us that he talked to Patricia and he believes she does not have Riley, because "She lives in a very expensive house and is very rich." Somehow, being rich equals being honest for the Ventura Police department. We asked Det. McConville if he had spoken with the Dave's gardener that supposedly found Riley's harness and he said that he hadn't because he was not assigned to this case. Why was he calling us if he was not assigned to the case? Later, we found out that Patricia Dave is friends with Mike McConville's father (Ron McConville, former Mayer of Camarillo). He started screaming on the phone that he did not want our conversations recorded and so we hung up. What kind of cop is so scared of being recorded? This is an absurd abuse of power and the Ventura police department has stood by and allowed it to happen.

After our third visit to repost our flyers, a volunteer spotted a man tearing down our flyers for Riley. We found out that Patricia, CEO of Technicolor in Camarillo, had gotten one of her employees at Technicolor to pull down Riley's flyers. It is completely unethical to use employees for something like this. Based on the management, perhaps it is not surprising that Technicolor had to shut down all of their manufacturing in Camarillo and eliminated 100s of jobs.

Recently, Patricia Ann Dave and Dr. Khamaj Dave created a Facebook page of their own called "Facebook.com/TruthAboutRiley". They posted a four page explanation of how they are the true victims. Patricia Ann also personally walked down her neighborhood handing out this same four page essay. So much for being a busy CEO who didn't have time to show us her video! People on Facebook quickly spotted the Dave's lies and responded very negatively to their posts on our page. Within a day, the Dave's deleted all their posts on our page and in fact, deleted their Facebook page altogether. Lucky we had a copy of their comments and have reposted them on our page explaining why they are ridiculous.

We have had over 15,000 people visit Riley's Facebook page and over 700 likes. There are some amazingly kind and helpful people in Camarillo who continue to try to help find Riley.